In conjunction with the 2013-14 University Wide theme:  Year of Sound   'College Palooza' is a fair celebrating the College, and offers academic departments an opportunity to advertise various major and minor options for undeclared students in the University.
 Students of  ArchTank  Undergraduate Architecture Society and  Penn Encore  Classical Music Society have partnered to design and construct a musical structure which will represent the Architecture and Music departments at the University's 2014 annual 'College Palooza' fair. 
 ' Windshape ' - Lacoste, France (nArchitects)  Example of environmental stimuli    Precedent Study
 ' Singing Ringing Tree ' - Lancashire, England (Tonkin - Liu)   Precedent Study
 Site plan and project renderings
front back cs6_Page_1.jpg
 Plotted pipe lengths and associated pitches  Assembly detail drawing
front back cs6_Page_2.jpg
right left elevation.jpg
 1/4 scale steel model
 Project display featured in 2014 Penn Design Undergraduate Architecture Exhibition
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