fre·quen·cy  (n) /,’frē-kwen(t)-sē/  “Architecture is not a synchronizing phenomenon, but a gradual unfolding. It consists of a sequence of tableux, associated in time and space. Like music it is a means of conceiving time.” - Le Corbusier
 A study of the musculature and anguilliform motion of the lamprey. As an early chordate, the lamprey triggers individual muscle sections, or myomeres, in succession through a regular nerve pulse traveling its spinal chord, resulting in the animal’s movement along a sine wave frequency. 
 Focusing on the range of motion of individual myomere muscle segments, one can calculate the ratio of a sine wave amplitude to the length of the lamprey, resulting in 4/9.
 Anguilliform motion study
 Muscular sequential motion study
 Early myomere study model
 Muscular analog model
 Translation of analog concept to design of kinetic solar shade
 Scaled solar shade in courtyard site model
 Position and range of solar shade kinetic motion set to adjust to hourly changes in solar glare
 Kinetic solar shade model
 View of kinetic mechanism
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