Marking the beginning of a five year partnership between the Jim Vlock Building Project at Yale and Columbus House, the YSOA Class of 2019  designed, constructed, and curated a pavilion  for New Haven's Arts and Ideas Festival, shedding light on issues of homelessness, housing policy, and home through artifacts, graphics, and audio recordings.  Many thanks to the support of  Columbus House ,  Gray Organschi Architecture ,  Breakfast Woodworks , and the  Yale School of Architecture  for helping make this vision a reality.
 Design iterations of custom speaker cases for aural history recordings
 Flip mill of final speaker case design
 Final speaker case, resembling a 'cup on a string'
 'Cup on a string' speaker cases installed on pavilion table
 Construction and assembly drawings for LVL tabletop, veneered, milled, and assembled in four 7'x18" sections
 Veneering of LVL sections using an industrial wood press at  Breakfast Woodworks, Inc. 
 Removal of excess material from milled LVL sections prior to assembly
 Construction details for fabrication of pavilion posts
 Manual drill press and final test fit of bolts to attach custom welded steel T-Plate to the top of each pavilion post
 Whitewash and waterproofing of pavilion posts and assembly
 Installation of table sections, sliding information panels, and vitrines containing objects of the home
 Detail drawing of a vitrine assembly
 One of five installed vitrines within the pavilion table
 Installed pullout information panels
 Survey for guests of the pavilion
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 Resulting Press:     Yale News      Archinect     
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