In-depth analysis and interpretation of extensive design iterations conducted by Louis Kahn for the conception of a new Dominican Motherhouse near Philadelphia, PA.  Access to original drawings by Kahn provided on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania architectural archives in conjunction with the writings of architect, Michael Merrill.
 1967 final scheme of the Dominican Motherhouse produced by Kahn
 1967 section iteration of the motherhouse produced by Kahn
 (Click  HERE  for high resolution)  Precedent comparison study of Le Corbusier and Kahn designs for a monastery refectory, noting symbolic aspects of scale and proportion within plan and section
 Early sketches of an idealized refectory design using historic precedent studies and Dominican Order specifications
photo (3).JPG
 (Click  HERE  for high resolution)  Resulting idealized refectory design noting symbolic  motifs  of scale, proportion and orientation in relation to interior light penetration
 1:200 scale model of resulting idealized refectory design
 Original topographical survey produced by Kahn for potential project site in Media, PA 
 Photographs of original project site near Media, PA
Photo Feb 27, 2 56 25 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 27, 2 59 46 PM.jpg
 Early sketches of a proposed topographical layout for the Dominican Motherhouse notating symbolic axes
Photo Mar 23, 2 17 00 PM.jpg
 Resulting site plans for proposed monastery layout and landscape design 
 Various axes emphasize symbolic and/or religious  motifs  within the proposed layout
 Resulting sections and elevations for proposed monastery layout
NW Elevation.jpg
 Early sketch proposal for positioning of chapel, chapter house, and library
 Proposed design scheme for library and adjacent public amphitheater
 Proposal for individual interconnecting duplex cell design
 Final site model of monastery layout and landscaping proposal illustrating public access (chipboard) in relation to private complexes (basswood)
 Monastery entrance gateway and adjacent orchard array establish a sense of rhythm upon arrival
 Perspective of central outdoor cloister, reflection pond, and subsequent cascade emphasizes pristine views of the public amphitheater
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