pend·ing  (n) /‘pen-dinğ/:   (adj): being in continuance (prep): during; while awaiting
 Why ' Pending '? The concept of ‘pending’ is defined by the relationship between an entity and the notion of anticipation amidst the passing of time. That which is anticipated is understood, though not yet defined. In an architectural sense, such meaning may imply a sense of uncertainty, literally a space in waiting which, in order to be physically experienced, must be physically pursued.
 Positioned within a busy corridor above a pre-existing fire door, this intervention entitled ‘ Scaling for Solitude ’ provides access to an isolated retreat evading the pedestrian traffic of the AA. 
 Visible from above, behind a section of railing on the first floor, the space can be closely observed, analyzed, and understood, yet just out of reach.
 The site’s only approach from below conjures a sense of undetermined anticipation, a physical means of arrival, yet lack of an initial visual perspective. Out of reach or out of sight, this is a space awaiting interaction.
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 Early foam study model
 Scaled site model
 'NOVA' personalized indoor climbing wall - LUNAR  Precedent study
 Inlaid climbing wall and alcove seating design
Photo Feb 27, 5 24 13 PM.jpg
 Three layer climbing wall pattern generation to produce inner structural skeleton layer
IMG_9873 copy.jpg
 Construction of seating structure
 Placement of seating structure and climbing wall within site model
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 CNC mill production of 1.5" plywood components
 Alcove base plate
 Alcove base plate load test
 Embedded seating design
 Layout of successive climbing wall layers
 Climbing wall  base layer + skeleton layer
Pending Structures 1.jpg
pending structures 3.jpg
Site Assembly
 Alcove seating structural assembly
 Climbing wall installation
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