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  "Perfecting the Promenade:  The Viaduc des Arts and Coulée Vert as Catalysts for Urban Ecological Connectivity"   An in depth analysis of the history, evolution, and modern day function of the 'Parisian Promenade'   To view essay publication:  CLICK HERE
  The Promenade Plantée:  Mapping of Contrapuntal Urban Intervention  To view project abstract:  CLICK HERE
  The following analytical representations of the extent of the Promenade Plantée and Coulée Vert aims to depict the fundamental role of this novel urban renewal effort by visualizing the gardens as a vein of greenery breathing life into the 12th arr.
  Intersection A:  Promenade overpass and entrance
Intersection A collage.jpg
  Intersection B:  Bridge over Parc de Reuilly
Intersection B collage.jpg
  Intersection C:  Pathway junction
Intersection C collage.jpg
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