coun·ter·point  (n) /’kaun-ter-,point/  The use of contrast or interplay of elements in a work of art
 A series of material and fabrication studies based on contrapuntal themes and variations
 Orthogonal vs. non-orthogonal shapes, repetition vs. randomization, and fagility vs. solidity name but a few elements explored in the following designs.
 Such studies focus on the interplay of perspective. Viewed from the side, each object seems frail and unstable, yet a plan view reveals a much more solid shape.
 A material study of contrapuntal perspective and construction methods using 1/8” poplar veneer. Taking the positive space produced by a succession of consecutively inlaid circles, each rotated at 10˚ increments, thin slices could be extracted, laser cut, and layered to produce a solid iteration of the resulting shape. Each layer is then rotated a further 10˚ to produce a second variation of the original construct. 
 Early axonometric fabrication drawing
 A material exploration of the supportive contrapuntal interplay of interior and exterior elements. The inner female component is entirely detached, yet locked within the outer male component. 
 While each is individually unstable, together, both elements yield a strong, supportive structure.
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