Alvar Aalto: Viipuri Library Auditorium Study   Use of parametric modeling software based on Snell's Law of refraction to produce a visual scattering of rays similar to the effects of a soundburst study
 Original sketches by Aalto attempting to visualize the scattering of sound within a section of his library auditorium in order to determine an optimal ceiling contour
 Axonometric projection depicting translation of results of a 3D soundburst study into consecutive sections
 Resulting ray trace sections for central sound burst position
 Central Soundburst
 Righthand Soundburst
 Lefthand Soundburst
 Closeup of soundburst origin
  Frank Lloyd Wright: Johnson Wax Building Study   Exercise in developing personal drawing style to represent an iconic work of architecture as a ruin, using combined efforts of computer modeling and manual drawing techniques.  The resulting representation depicts the Johnson Wax Building atrium as a cold storage facility, overlaying a ray trace study of the interior as a means of emphasizing the reverberant nature of the space.
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