Problem 1 : 1500 sf Seed Study
 Proposal of a 1500 sf facility for the storage and study of seeds. Constructed entirely out of alternating thin steel profiles joined at points of intersection, the resulting form blurs the lines between interiority and exteriority, creating a dense structural lattice to support plant growth
 Model simulating vine growth covering the structural lattice
  Problem 2 : 70,000 sf Landscape for Planting   Proposal of a programmed landscape for planting, using the concept of plant growth over an alternating lattice structure to create shaded areas for recreation, meetings, and study
 Resulting topography model
DsB landscape topography-106.jpg
DsB landscape topography-109.jpg
  Problem 3 : 10,000 sf Seed Vault
 Proposal of a combined landscape and seed vault research facility, positioned adjacent to Klein Biology Tower
 Scale model of location of subterranean vault and connecting lab spaces, utilizing and enclosing an existing pavilion structure (painted white) adjacent to Klein Biology Tower
 Section drawings illustrating subterranean vault and lab spaces connecting to Klein Biology Tower, referencing integrated plant growth and resulting shading over time
Section A
Section B
Section C
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