Yale School of Music | Fall 2018 | Sir Jonathan Mills

MUS 577: Culture, Creativity, Community


History. Heritage. Harmony.

along the atlanta beltline

The following proposes a public performance within the Krog Street Tunnel, located along Atlanta’s Beltline Trail. Inspired by the Mile Long Opera, performed along the NYC HighLine in October 2018, this performance seeks to utilize a place of historic and infrastructural significance within the city of Atlanta, as an opportunity for public engagement with the historic, symbolic, and acoustic resonance of the city’s complex and layered urban fabric.

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Atlanta Beltline Project: “Where Atlanta Comes Together”

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Krog Street Tunnel

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Early Design Sketches

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Musical traditions and recollections of eight retired African-American railroad track laborers whose occupational folk songs were once heard on railroads that crisscross the South. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,101

Acoustical Intervention

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To be continued