Monster Model   In depth study of the New Haven House typology in combination with the modular mid-century Metabolist movement in Japan, particularly the work of  Kisho Kurokawa .  The resulting exploratory model fuses elements of structure, scale, communal organization, and method of construction between the two housing types
 Kurokawa model of concrete structural components for one unit of mass apartments
 Diagram by Kurokawa illustrating assembly method of concrete structural components for mass apartment complex, creating a series of sites for the placement of interchangeable modular bathroom and kitchen 'pods'
 Resulting 'monster model' neighborhood
 Examples of houses fusing elements of the New Haven typology and principles of metabolism, particularly scale in relation to interchangeable white pods
  Co-Habitation   An exploration in efficiency in the planning of a two unit 'co-habitation'.  For purposes of the exploration, the design is limited to a 16'x'16'x14' cube, 12' off the ground, in which light can only enter via the roof structure
 Assembly of kinetic components (shaded in red) including a gantry bed, sliding roof structure (to provide adequate throughout the day), and retractable stairs, also serving as shelving
Butner_detail 2.JPG
Butner_detail 5.jpg
  Two Unit Modular House Proposal
 Design and component assembly of a modular two unit apartment to house an individual client and family in separate private units
 Study of configurations of modules which can be transported on various types of flatbed trucks to the final construction site
 Components and assembly of a single standard module to ship on a flatbed truck
 Layout of a two unit modular dwelling
 3/4 scale model of 9'x9' corner of the two unit dwelling, illustrating integration of a stair, bathroom, and operable sliding panel components for desired level of exterior privacy
 Site plan proposal for a neighborhood of five modular two-unit dwellings, park space, as well as a shared community center for a considered site on Division St
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