This panel study explores the adaptive flexibility necessary for the given product to fit within the context of numerous spatial scenarios
 “Indeed, the notion of context is considered to be the point of conception for an idea and the main platform for the process of architectural design.” -Thierry de Duve
 Early studies of stable interlocking unit formations produced by circular folding elements, translated into an expandable unit design
 Evolving shapes of expandable components
 Evolution of expandable component iterations.  Each iteration is arranged in a diagonal pattern composing the fundamental panel design to accentuate the dynamic, wave-like quality of the panel’s textured façade.
 Full scale carbon steel component expansion
 Full scale carbon steel study
 Scaled panel design and lateral wave profiles  Stemming from variations of a sound wave, each side of the panel features a specific amplitude, while frequency is determined by the speed at which a viewer walks alongside the façade.
final presentation board 2__3D views.jpg
Christina_Davis 39.JPG
 Flexibility tests of resulting expandable panel
Christina_Davis 47.JPG
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