Custom design and construction detail drawings for a commerical ten story office tower to be located in Center City Philadelphia's Chinatown District at the corner of North Broad and Spring Garden streets, using Revit BIM software
Perspective Render- Interior View 2.jpg
 NE Building Perspective
 Site Plan and Roof Garden Layout
 Basement/Office Floor Plans
 Lobby Floor Plan
 Mezzanine Floor Plan
 Lobby as Viewed From Mezzanine
 Reflected Ceiling Plans
 Mezzanine Reflected Ceiling Plan
 SW Building Street Perspective
 Building Sections
3D Perspective Building Section.jpg
Butner_Final Submission_Page_21.jpg
 Wall Sections
Butner_Final Submission_Page_24.jpg
 Detailed Perspectives
 Office Floor Perspective
 Partial Detailed Sections
Butner_Final Submission_Page_27.jpg
 Office Desk Perspective
 Elevations South / West
 Elevations North / East
 SE Building Perspective
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