Sequence  (n) /ˈsēkwəns/: a set of related events, movements, or things that follow each other in a particular order.   
 A study of the geometrical principles of doubly curved surfaces found in rowing shells.  Beginning with analysis of the sequential evolution of the shaping of structural bulkheads within a kingfisher shell, similar techniques are then applied to generate customized doubly curved surfaces through the process of lamination. 
 Sequential evolution of a modified bulkhead profile to generate customized doubly curved surfaces by arraying flat sections.  A rigorous system of geometric operations is implemented to produce compelling spatial forms viewed in section.
 Scaled model of resulting laminated spatial construction derived from original bulkhead profile
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 Interior views of doubly curved model highlighting evolution of laminated surfaces
Boat Shed Design
 Model exhibiting doubly curved roof generated for a boat shed design
  Rhythmic  placement of structural profile supports reflecting logarithmic scale of earlier shell motion analysis within Penn's Boathouse
 Bezier analysis of modifications to resulting doubly curved roof surface
 Model of modified structural profiles of boat shed design  
 Resulting doubly curved roof design 
 Site plan for boat shed design along upper banks of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River
 Detailed plan of programs within logarithmically spaced bays of the boat shed
 Cross and longitudinal section analysis of profile curvature for structural supports of doubly curved roof
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